Neon Style Signs

Led Neon Neon letters

Led Neon Solid letters

Led Neon Neon letters-back bar

Led Neon Solid letters-back bar

Retro look

Our LED signs are made in the style of the classic Neon signs, but leave all the problems and environment issues associated with those signs behind (now banned in many countries).

Robust and Economic

Our signs are both robust and economical. They have a low unit price but higher one-time tooling cost than other sign solutions.

Tech Spec

  • Body: Metal / Injection Molded PS/ABS
  • Thickness: 3cm (1″)
  • Graphic: Molded Resin Colored Tubes
  • Light Source: High Durability LEDs
  • Size: Any size
  • Power Supply: 110-240V AC 50-60Hz
  • Mounting: Wall and Ceiling
  • Metal Bracket Optional